15 July, 2009

Novel published one tweet at a time

An American writer who failed to find a publisher for his novel is putting the book on Twitter - 140 characters at a time.

Matt Stewart, a San Francisco-based novelist, began "tweeting" his first book, The French Revolution, on the micro-blogging service on Tuesday (local time).

"As far as I can tell, I'm the first person to release a completed full-length literary novel on Twitter," Stewart wrote on his website, www.thefrenchrev.com.

"Loosely structured on the greatest identity crisis ever, The French Revolution tells the story of a San Francisco family forging its place in history," he said.

Stewart says putting the book on Twitter is a "social experiment" to "see how the world reacts to a long-form tale told in snippets."

He also acknowledges that he has been unable to find a publisher.

"My agent submitted The French Revolution to all the major publishing houses," Stewart said.

"Many of them loved it, but none were willing to buy what they viewed as a 'risky' novel - vivid language, elements of fantasy and farce, raunchy humour," he said.

Stewart says it will take approximately 3,700 "tweets" to transmit all of the 480,000 characters in his book.



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